Welcome to Free Citizen

We love our dogs and the Constitution. If you don’t like either stay out the shop. We got 2 dogs and a cat running around and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. We support all rights not just the ones we like. We never advocate breaking the law but we do everything we can to make it less painful. We don’t hate California but we are not happy with the people in charge.
THE CONSTITUTION SHALL RISE AGAIN stay strong California. We’ll try to keep you updated on current laws, events and the occasional rant.

Here is an intro to Team Free Citizen:

Donut: caught escaping from the riverside shelter through a tunnel he dug with a baby hammer, took him 25 years. He joined the team before the firing squad got to him. He is a survival expert and marksman. He is also an asshole.

Ziggy: was separated from his family during the war. He has a sister that he thinks of often but will probably never see again. He never met his parents. He wandered into the shop and never left. Donut is the only family he has. He has amazing strength and speed in the legs but a bit slow in the head. He is probably autistic.

Puglsey: He’s a cat.